It is now a universal truth that your presence online is as important to your business as the goods or services you provide. In the modern world few things are as important to businesses as online reviews. People not only look for reviews, but they search for them in many places, read them – and they take them seriously. Too many negative reviews can hurt your business in ways you may not fully appreciate.

Think about it. Most people have access to the Internet, whether on their computer, their smartphone or tablet, or on their gaming console. People expect quality and convenience, and no one likes to work in the dark. Before settling on which business to use, most people scour the internet in search of reviews to find out which option is the better option. It is important to never see it.

Importance of online reviews for dentists

The impact review has on your medical practice

People take reviews seriously. People rely on online reviews – even from strangers – as much as they trust the recommendations of people they know. Eighty-percent, in fact, put such trust in online reviews. The days of knowing and seeing a person are over. Now, starred reviews on the Internet can make all the difference. Reviewing alone will not be sufficient, nor will the plethora of reviews if many of them are rated low. Good reviews are prominent. Eighty-seven percent of people would not even consider using a business if it did not have a group of three to five-star reviews.

Let’s break it down so that you can better understand the impact, and importance, of positive online reviews.

Suppose you are hungry, but you cannot decide which restaurant to go to. Two new diners have recently opened in the city, but you don’t know anyone who has tried them. Do you flip a coin and hope for the best? Or do you jump online and want a review? If you are like most people these days, you open a search engine in your browser and start reading.

One of the two new dinners has fifteen five-star reviews, and the other has nine two-star reviews.

What is your reaction to these findings? Do you buck the trend and try dinner with fewer reviews or do you look at it with skepticism, assuming that many low rated reviews from strangers can indicate major problems. It is possible that you have done something similar in relation to a restaurant, business, or even a book or film. And you will not be alone.

Online reviews help inform people these days. They can give you a new experience, or they can warn you to avoid unpleasant situations. If you have ever reacted to online reviews, if you have ever allowed them to express their opinion, you should not assume that you are alone. As a dentist or an administrator running a dental practice, you absolutely cannot assume that your patients and potential patients are in some way an exception to the rule.

How to ask for review

Getting a review is only difficult if you eliminate it – or if you bank on the figures. The latter may make sense. If you serve enough patients, this line of reasoning goes. Certainly, some people will feel compelled to leave a review. However, reviews can be found in percentage alone. Or they may not yield any reviews.

This may sound very simple or obvious, but the best way to get more online reviews is to ask for them. Believe it or not, work is asking. It is amazing to think that it is so simple, but from all indications, it is actually so simple. If you ask for a review, never make positive reviews – and don’t try to disappoint people by leaving negative reviews. Just ask for honest review.

Although you cannot control the tone or tenure of a patient’s review, you may be able to influence – at least to an extent – how you ask them for a review. If you just take out a tooth from a grumpy man who you mute while cleaning, it’s probably best to avoid asking him to chronicle his experience online. Instead, contact your patients when they are no longer nervous, excited, happy. Since time is important, ask them when the appointment ended while they are still experiencing positive feelings or sensations from your conduct – who were undoubtedly professionals.

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