Amazing Techniques in Photography

Like all fields, photography, professional photography on it is not as easy as one might think. In fact, it is actually quite difficult to produce photographs that will catch one’s attention in a moment.

Here are some tips that can get you started.


In making photographs, one must remember that the fewer objects there are, the better. The simplicity in the photographs is good because some attention must be diverted from the main subject. It is not good to clutter up photos with so many elements, just for example, taking crowd photos without a main focal point for a building, a colored object, or an image that you can focus on.

It is necessary to find the point of interest and then do your best to highlight it or to emphasize it using other techniques that will be mentioned later in the article.

To practice on your creation, you should study advertising photographs in newspapers. You should scan magazines for photos or visit a photo exhibition.


Another technique that must be learned is the opposite, as it creates a spectacular and interesting picture. For example, a colored subject will glow more when placed in a dark background.

The example goes for an African American with dark skin with a background of colorful clothing. Another example is combining a small and large object. By using contrast, you are exposing not only one but two focal points, which will attract the eye in the photo.

The balance

Usually, the imbalance or any asymmetric element in the photo will be able to make the articles more interesting. This means that placing the subject in the center is more preferable than placing it in the center. This is exactly the opposite of what most people think subjects should be in the dead center.


Another technique in photography is framing. This is when you use an element in your composition as a frame for the main subject. For example, a branch of a tree serving as a frame to a couple of lovers sitting under it is better than just a shot of the tree with the lovers under it.
This will better emphasize the subject. One thing photographers should remember is that the subject should be sharper elements along with the framing. Focusing on the frame instead of the subject will only distract the eye from your focal point.

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